Bentley – I know / Kristmas – Why I Wanna

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Today we conclude the promotional portion of DB49 week with two exclusive solo DB49’er efforts, one from Bentley and one from Kristmas. DB49’s debut album Happy Hour drops tomorrow, you might as well start pre-gaming now. The album is conveniently free, so you have more money to spend on beer and weed and DB49 merch or whatever you like to get fucked up on. As of post time it’s around 9 only in certain parts of Europe and Africa, the rest of you got no excuse.

First up alphabetically we got Bentley’s I Know. The song is a slightly off-kilter/drunken take on typical rapper/r&b chick collaborations, dedicated to the universal subject of bitches. You get a nice mellow nod-inducing beat from Mr. Beatnik, two hilarious Bentley verses as bookends, and some sweet crooning from guest songstress Ahu in the middle (her phrasing of ‘I know all the bitches’ is profoundly bonerrific). There’s also a nice little bit reminiscent of the ‘vertical hold’ gag from The Man On The Moon, you’ll know it when you hear it.

DOWNLOAD: Bentley – I know ft Aha (prod. by Mr. Beatnik)

Next we got Why I Wanna from Kristmas. Here Professor Kristmas gets his Harvard on to give a 301 level class about the in and outs of the W2 Boy philosophy, with detailed arguments and examples and an appropriate soundbite from ATL to drive the point home. The song was co-produced by Bossman and R.Dot. It premiered officially last night on Baller’s Eve radio.

DOWNLOAD: Kristmas – Why I Wanna (prod by Bossman and R.Dot)

Big thanks to Codie G for blessing us with the exclusives. Art credits go to Bentley (who came up with the idea for the pic above) and John Turner Jr (who brought it to life).

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