Bentley – Bootlegs & B​-​Sides (Hosted by DJ Dirrty of Baller’s Eve)

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Something a little different from SMS. After years of killer guest spots and features Bentley finally steps out on his own, to rap his ass off over a handful of incredibly well selected classic and obscure 90s and early 00s instrumentals. The Ice Cube reference of the cover is not coincidental – while not all of the beats on here are from California the mixtape carries a strong West Coast gangsta rap vibe. More than just paying homage through production, Bentley sounds the part too. His ability to convincingly convey menace and intelligent insights in equal measure harks back to the best of what 90s street rap has to offer. But this isn’t a simple exercise in nostalgia, it’s more like he is channeling formative influences as an introduction to his own ample talents. Bentley is a guy with his own distinct style and personality, rapping over AZ and Young D Boyz is just a warm up for him, setting a stage for more to come.


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