Bed-Stuy Barnburner

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From the home of the “livest ones” comes hundreds of hours of recorded police activity by a beat cop in the 81st precinct. As it turns out these particular defenders of the public share a commonality with Jonah Hill’s character in “Superbad.” Eight-pager so brace yourself if you’ve grown accustomed to the 140 max rule.

Per the VV:

“As far as the defacing of department property—all right, the shit on the side of the building . . . and on people’s lockers, and drawing penises in people’s memo books, and whatever else is going on—just knock it off, all right?” a Sergeant A. can be heard saying. “If the wrong person sees this stuff coming in here, then IAB [the Internal Affairs Bureau] is going to be all over this place, all right? . . . You want to draw penises, draw them in your own memo book. . . And don’t actually draw on the wall.” He then adds that just before an inspection, a supervisor had to walk around the stationhouse and paint over all the graffiti.

Trife. There’s audio, too.



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