Bay Rap Round-Up

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There is a ton of great stuff coming out The Bay Area to wrap up 2009. Here are a few quick-hitters to get you acclimated to what you should be checking for.


Funk or Die has been a long time coming for Philthy Rich. Fresh out of jail, Philthy Rich is rapping harder than ever. “Interrogation” and “From The Spot” steal the show. It’s not all good news though, as a lot of the beats sound a bit too similar and the sex rapps get a little boring. 20 songs was probably a bit too much.That said, the highlights are fantastic.


I posted “Mr Mafioso 09” a few days ago expecting it to be one of the best songs on the collaboration between Tay and KC’s Skiem Hiem… wrong. This thing is packed with bangers. The gangsterific rhymes fit perfectly over tasteful interpolations of jams by Bobby Brown, Zapp, LL Cool J, Michael Jackson and MIA. An all-star cast of rappers from The Bay and KC perfectly complement the deft rhymes slung by Killa Tay and Skeim. This is well worth tracking down.


You have to love it when a grizzled veteran can keep pace with the young thundercats and still sound fresh. Cellski is arguably rapping as well in 2009 as he ever has (check Jacka’s album if you disagree). Not only killing the cover art game, but his ear for beats is as sharp as ever. “Blap Blap” is about as good as it gets.


Ap.9 has never been my favorite member of Mob Figaz, more like fourth or fifth, but his albums always get a ton of play. Reality Check more than makes up for the lousy I Am Legend, and is probably his best release since Body Shotz. Although I like the vibe on The Grinch, I’m glad he ditched the guitar beats in favor of more conventional production that allows his flow to shine.

Oh yea, Aaron Carter is on this shit…

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