Autumn Jazz Mix Vol 1 and 2

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Two very mellow very smooth very relaxing very seasonally appropriate jazz mixes I’m shamelessly ripping from Soul Strut. Both were compiled by a guy named Funky Tee, both have been in steady rotation since I found them. Each one is fairly short, 24 and 35 minutes respectively, so they work best when paired together. Probably not the best music for a Friday night unless you plan on staying in, but they’re fantastic for being lazy on a weekend afternoon. Track lists for both are below.
DOWNLOAD: Autumn Jazz Vol I (compiled by Funky Tee)

DOWNLOAD: Autumn Jaz Vol II (compiled by Funky Tee)


Autumn Jazz Volume 1 Track List:
1. Quintessence – Between thoughts (Guitorn Records)
2. Faces of jazz – I am the road (Gemini Records)
3. Steve Kuhn – Time to go (Buddah)
4. Bayete – Free angela (skit) (Prestige)
5. Judy Roberts – Watercolours (Madonna Records)
6. Sunrise Ltd – With you I’m born again (Pizzazz Records)
Autumn Jazz Volume 2 Track List:
1. Blood Sweat and Tears intro from the The Owl and the Pussycat OST
2. Karin Krogh – What are you doing rest of your life? (skit)
3. Crusaders – Message from the inner city
4. Absolute Elsewhere -….can’t remember
5. Shelton Kilby – Poor Wayfaring Stranger
6. Nordvision – ….can’t remember
7. Teruo Nakamura – Morning mist
8. Frode Thingæs – Axel

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