Austin Peralta – Endless Planets (via Youtube Playlist)

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Gonna finish up this run of non-rap posts with some jazz. Rap posts will return this weekend or next week or something like that.

This album by a 20 yo piano prodigy Austin Peralta was released on Brainfeeder, although it doesn’t sound much like anything else that label does, nothing I’ve heard at least. As a friend pointed out, this is a lot more like hearing some good 70s Blue Note record but maybe with a bit odder time signatures. I’m very much a jazz hobbyist so I wont attempt further review or description, the music speaks for itself.

The whole album can be played via youtube, here it is arranged in proper order.

1. Introduction: The Lotus Flower

2. Capricornus

3. The Underwater Mountain Oddysey

4. Ode To Love

5. Interlude

6. Algiers

7. Epilogue: Renaissance Bubbles

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