ATL’s Finest: The Best of T-Rock

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The days of T-Rock’s fan base consisting of Dutch fisherman hat-wearing graffiti coffee table book purchasing muppets and recovering meth addict wiggers who own every Hypnotize Mindz bootleg mixtape, run blogs that feature nothing other than scans of tape covers and possibly own gold fronts that they have never had the balls to wear in public need to end. The guy is simply way too talented to be relegated to such status. From his days shredding Paul and J’s throwaways to his current independent “grind”, T-Rock has done nothing but catch fast rap wreck on hard beats.

The Best Of I compiled consists of tracks that I find best showcase T-Rock’s abilities. There is a lot missing (I didn’t have a copy of Defcon 1 on my hd…), but this should serve as a great introduction for the uninitiated. Click below for the download link, tracklisting and some hilarious youtube Three-6 disses.

01- Thug Niggas
02- Bloodline
03- Blazed Up, Blowed Out
04- Blood In, Blood Out
05- Go To War
06- Missle Rip
07- Duck Ya Grill
08- So Hi
09- Beatin’
10- Superthrowed
11- The Myth of Reality
12- What’s Up ft. Pastor Troy
13- Loaded Up
14- Let The Hammer Go
15- War Zone
16- World of Crime ft. Gangsta Boo
17- No Remorse


And here is the bootlegged version of Life Lessons (The real version sounds incredible):


1. Clockwork
2. Hustleman feat. Reek of Area 51
3. Gotz To Grind
4. A Plug
5. Can Ya Dig Me
6. Still Ball feat. Dyme Deville
7. New Found Lover feat. Scrilla Man & E-N-J
8. Sound Like Me
9. All Dat Money
10. Porn Star feat. Flo Dawgs
11. Call His Own Shots feat. Scrilla Man
12. Buss A Move feat. Rock Solid Royal Family
13. But The Money
14. Times Change
15. Life Lessons (Album Preview)


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