Arthur Verocai – Flying to LA

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Imagine driving down a tropical coast line in a vintage MG Roadster, naturally with the top down . Perhaps you’ve just left your spacious summer villa and are now taking the scenic route to your 40ft yacht for an afternoon of marlin fishing with the current El Presidente and a wayward Rothchild scion. Pretty young things grin and wave at your from the side of the road, flaunting curves that even your famously nimble machine might have trouble navigating. Tonight if the mood strikes you might invite one of them over for a ‘clothing optional’ dinner on the bear rug followed by a dip in a tub full of champagne. But for now you’re just cruising…

Now if what you just imagined were to be condensed into 4 minutes and 18 seconds of music, it would be this song. Brazilian jazz legend FTW.

Arthur Verocai – Flying to LA

This track was written specifically for Verocai’s installment of the Timeless concert series. It comes courtesy of Vtech’s music site. Go there for more info about Verocai, the song itself, and the video of the performance.

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