Ari Roze – Rolling With A Planet / Rolling With A Dub

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This right here seems like a song that’s destined to end up on some obscure psych compilation 20 years from now, issued perhaps by Finders Keepers or maybe Stones Throw\Now Again.

What it is – an unholy collision of electro-soul, reggae and freakyass jazz, where layers of woozy narcotic bass and keyboard swirl in with all sorts of weird synths and distortions and sound effects. While all that is going on, the odd barely harmonized and slightly off-kilter vocals plead with the listener to ‘show me how to roll with a planet.’ Judging by the overall vibe of the song, I’m assuming the guy is trying to score some tabs.

The guy himself is an Australian by the name of Ari Roze. Unfortunately I could find no info on the man, nor any more work from him. For the sake of the story we can assume that Roze is some sort of Aborigine shaman who cooked this up while drinking fermented platypus milk on a walkabout through the darkest reaches of the Great Kangaroo Pouch In The Sky.

Ari Roze – Rolling With A Planet

But wait, there is more. There is a dub on the b-side, and it might be almost better than the original. Here the weird vocals are stripped away in favor of some slow burning jazzy horns (possibly some melodica too), while the tension between the bass and keyboard is cranked up just a bit to unnerving effect. And of course, as this is a dub a few more strange sound effects and a bit more distortion are thrown in for good measure.

Ari Roze – Rolling With A Dub

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