Andre Nickatina – Call The Dealer Prod. By Husalah & RobLo

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The lyrics are standard issue Nickatina, but that beat… oh mayne I wanna lead a parade of tanks in front of the Kremlin with that beat blasting from every loudspeaker in a 5 kilometer radius, flags unfurling in slow motion, men clutching ushankas to their heart with pride while peasant women and children cry tears of joy.
DOWNLOAD: Andre Nickatina – Call The Dealer Prod. By Husalah & RobLo

Props to FrootyLooty and SAH for the heads up
BONUS: for something completely different, here is Andre doing semi-spoken word about heroin over something that sounds like a Dick Dale instrumental on qualudes.
Queen Heroin by Andre Nickatina

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2 Responses to “Andre Nickatina – Call The Dealer Prod. By Husalah & RobLo”

  1. Alex says:

    I meant it in the sense that all his recent stuff is kinda starting to run together into a hazy mesh of general drug related talk. It wasn’t really any kind of all encompassing statement on his overall body of work. Probably could’ve explained that better…

  2. done says:

    This is my jam, Rob Los been doing it.

    I kinda hear you cos I haven’t been a fan of most of his rapping from the last while, but the fuck is “standard issue Nickatina” really? This doesn’t fit any formula I’ve ever heard.

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