ALBUM STREAM: S.T. 2 Lettaz – The G… The Growth and Development

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Even though G-Side have parted ways and ST has since struck out into a new direction, it’s hard to separate him from that group’s storied legacy. But that’s ok because The G… looks pretty good in that context. It may actually be the most consistent and even all-around best thing to come out from under the G-Side umbrella since Hunstville International. Both The One… Cohesive and iSLAND had incredible highlights, but both also suffered compromising low points that kept each album from achieving its respective potential (‘Nat Geo’ and ‘Love 2 Hustle’, I’m looking at you here.) The G… has the high points to match them, without any of such glaring missteps.
Granted, this is an early and likely hyperbolic assessment. Things like this take time to settle and process properly. For the moment let’s just say ST made a damn good album that’s worth your money, and leave it at that.
You can stream the entire album via the Youtube playlist above, and BUY The G… The Growth and Development via ITunes OR Amazon

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