Alaska’s Friday Megamix (GHOSTFACE)

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Every Friday I send a few friends a new mix I either found or made. I know, it’s kind of gay, but whatever it gets conversations started and keeps friends that are scattered around the country in contact with each other. Jay made the suggestion that SteadyBloggin is a good place to share these mixes, so here you go. This week I made a mix of my favorite Ghostface songs.


1. Intro (from Supreme Clientele)
2. Nutmeg (from Supreme Clientele)
3. Run (From Pretty Tony)
4. Mighty Healthy (from Supreme Clientele)
5. Ghost Showers (from Bulletproof Wallets)
6. Wildflower (from Ironman)
7. Beauty Jackson (from Fishscale)
8. Shakey Dog (from Fishscale)
9. Ghost Deini (from Supreme Clientele)
10. Good Times (from Bulletproof Wallets – unreleased version)
11. Childs Play (from Supreme Clientele)
12. Poisonous Darts (from Ironman)
13. Winter Warz (from Iron Man)
14. Maxine/The Watch (from Bulletproof Wallets – Unreleased Version)
15. Keisha’s House (from Pretty Tony)
16. Daytona 500 (from Ironman)
17. Cherchez LaGhost (from Supreme Clientele)
18. Walking Through the Darkness (from Pretty Tony)
19. Whip You With a Strap (from Fishscale)
20. Stay True (from Supreme Clientele)
21. Holla (from Pretty Tony)
22. Cobra Clutch (from WuTang Presents The Swarm)

Ghostface Mix –


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