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This post is really juvenile in many ways, no way around it.

It’s in the mid 70s today, likely the last time that will happen for months. I’ve made a huge mistake. I should have taken a day off, but I didn’t. Instead I’m sitting inside next to some guy with a cold who is a prodigy virtuoso of the bodily noises. This fucker blows his nose like John Bonham played the drums – hard and loud in extended 30 minute stretches. I am at least 50 feet from anything resembling a window but I know the sun is out there and it’s making fun of me. I can tell, and it’s not psychotic paranoia. That yellow ass bastard is actually sitting on my roof right now, listening to music and calling me a bitch. I’m thinking about writing an anti-sun diss record called Sunned.

So I’m lashing out by taking a staunchly un-productive stance and passing the dwindling afternoon by ripping some songs from MySpace. This is a desperate measure, but I can’t find any of these via more legitimate means of purchasing (lol) or downloading. As per my blogging obligations I’m sharing the plunder. And of course a trip to MySpace isn’t complete without some jailbait girls exploring their self esteem issues in the most constructive manner possible.

That guy just cleared his throat again. Next time he does it I’m gonna shit in his mouth.


JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound – I’m trying to break your heart

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound are a from Chicago. They’ve been getting some buzz around the ‘net on the strength of their album Beat Of Our Own Drum (recommended) and a youtube vid of them covering Wilco’s “I’m trying to break your heart”. After the video made blog rounds all summer a studio version of the cover now popped up on their myspace page, albeit with no official release date even hinted. So here it is.

The band will be backing Numero’s traveling Eccentric Soul Review this November, which could potentially be the best show to see this year.


Karl Hector & The Malcouns – El Gusto

Karl Hector & The Malcouns’ Sahara Swing was one of my favorites for 2008. The album combined African jazz, krautrock and some good ole funk with face melting results. This myspace gem is in the same spacejazzedout vein. As far as I can tell it hasn’t been released officially yet, hopefully it’s an accurate preview of what their next release will sound like.


Ikebe Shakedown – The Prisoner

Ikebe Shakedown are from Brooklyn. Their sound bears more than passing similarity to several other Brooklyn bands AHEM El Menahem Michels Budos Affair Street Band AHEM, but the horns on this song are so deadly that it’s really hard to hold a grudge. The second half of the track is where the real magic happens. They will be releasing an EP called Hard Steppin on Oct 27, which seems promising.


Red Astaire – Keep on moving

I’ve posted some Red Astaire stuff before, he is a Swedish producer who dabbles in all sorts of musical styles. This light bouncy reggae/rocksteady/soul number would’ve been the perfect summer song if I got a hold of it a few months ago. Now it’s frankly just pissing me off considering the current situation.

And one more for good measure….


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