Adrian Younge – 1969 Organ

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Ever since the Black Dynamite Score was first released in 2009, I have combed the internet on a quest for more music from Adrian Younge. My search uncovered faint traces of a nearly mythical faux-OST called Venice Dawn, but never anything tangible; it appeared only in ghostly forms of blog praises and dead links. Until today, when I finally found something I could actually listen to on Notable Music Co. Read below…

Long before Black Dynamite popped the trunk, composer/producer Adrian Younge was hard at work on another soundtrack. When it surfaced in 2000, Venice Dawn appeared to be the music from a lost 1969 Italian film, but don’t bother looking for it on Netflix. The album itself, however, has been recently refined down to five tracks, remastered, and will be released as a free EP by Wax Poetics Records next month. Part King Crimson, part Air, the music—like “1969 Organ” heard here—shows the composer in his early form, obsessing over Italian soundtracks, ’70s synthesizers, moody instrumentals, sparse compositions, and funky drum breaks. Its rerelease eleven years later connects the dots between Black Dynamite, Younge’s early work, and his newest project, recorded under the aptly named moniker Venice Dawn. The new LP, Something About April, will be released by Wax Poetics Records in September.

STREAM: Adrian Younge – 1969 Organ (via Notable Music Co)

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