Action Bronson & Riff Raff – Bird On A Wire (Froskee’s Slowed Down & Repeated Video Chop)

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“I bet this would sound awesome chopped and screwed” was a popular thing to say when the song dropped and still is. I myself hit up Soul Division almost immediately with the same sentiments, and that’s definitely gonna happen. But Froskees beat everyone to the punch (as far as I know) – instead of waiting for the official audio to drop he jumped on the grenade like a real hero and just chopped up the whole video. Props to him for the initiative. And as expected, the song sounds good in slow motion.
BONUS: While we’re at it, check out Froskee’s remix of Gucci Mane’s I’m The Shit below. And also his EP of Antwon Remixes HERE.

via Froskees tumblr

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