Aceyalone feat. Treasure Davis – “Can’t Hold Back” (Video)

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Cameos galore. Part of me loves this. Part of me is left scratching my head. Mute it and it looks like a Diet Coke commercial or an upbeat Gardasil advert or an “edgy” Miller’s Outpost spot. I’m an Aceyalone die hard myself and All Balls Don’t Bounce basically lived in my deck throughout the nineties. I know, I know: Artists change. Priorities are reshuffled. But I’m still left holding on to the hope that Ace has one more herculean album to be made.

Another peculiar point is Decon’s handling of this album’s promo. Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones dropped in March of this year. By today’s standards, that means it is a fossil. But the only other video I could find in support of the The Lonely Ones is a joint featuring Bionik that is both visually and audibly underwhelming.

Yeah, it’s rather effortless to sit behind a computer and “hate.” But Aceyalone is capable of so much more.

Anyway, I miss this guy.


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