A Rare Turkish Jazz Mix by Onur Engin

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Above is an artist’s rendering of a turkish bath, circa 1862. Judging by the apparent predilection for trashy thick vaguely lesbian square-jawed white women, the artist was probably Ice T.

Below is a mix of rare Turkish jazz courtesy of a Turkish dj/producer Onur Engin. Like the majority of Turkish music that has flooded the obscure/rare music scene in the past few years, what’s presented here successfully combines traditional Turkish elements with Westernized influences. The selection dabbles in all sorts of jazz, from modal to soul jazz to funk fusion to spacey lounge and exotica to psychedelia to something that sounds a whole lot like an excerpt from an Ennio Morricone soundtrack. All this of course is set against a backdrop of that brassy eurasian sound which inevitably reminds of belly dancers and those Fez wearing grail protectors from Indiana Jones. I gotta say, as much as I enjoy Oh No’s oxperiments with this kind of music they usually have nothing on the original article and such is the case here. This is verily an advanced jam for the discerning and sophisticated space cadet

A tracklist for the diehard rares nerds:
Okay Temiz – MuÅŸ (Sun/1979)
ErdoÄŸan Çaplı – Ãœsküdara (Time S/1961)
Nükhet Ruacan – Gölge (Birnumara/1979)
Muvaffak “Maffy” Falay & Sevda – Tamzara (Caprice/1972)
Durul Gence – Concerto de Aranjuez (EMI-Regal/1968)
Erol Pekcan – Aliyi Gördüm Aliyi (Nova/1968)
Burhan Tonguç Ritm Grubu ve Ä°smet Sıral, Fundacık – Du-Bi-Ba (White/1972)
Ä°lhan MimaroÄŸlu & Freddie Hubbard – Threnody for Sharon Tate (Atlantic/1971)
Arif Mardin – Forms (Wounded Bird/1975)

Stream via IMEEM:
Turkish Jazz Mix by Onur Engin


You can check out more Onur Engin’s work on his myspace

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