A.Leon Craft “Wonderland”

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More Dungeon Fam-Lite flavor from Mr. Craft and SMKA. This project looks fantastic. A track with Playboy Tre is worth the purchase price alone.


“The Way You Do The Things You Do”


The Prologue Pt. 1 (out Monday, March 15th) is the first installment of the 2 part project introducing Aleon Craft and the Solar-Hop Chronicles (Part 2 out Monday, April 19th). Rewind a few years ago, Craft was better known as “Big Marc,” of Da Backwudz. The southern rap duo was signed to a major label (Universal/Rowdy Records), and he was working with some of the biggest producers and artists in hip-hop (ex. Nas, DJ Toomp, George Clinton, Organized Noise, Slim Thug, Dallas Austin, and many more). Fast-forward to today, Aleon Craft has recently joined forces with SMKA (Music Producers) and Esperanza (Visual Artists) to chronicle his work and life stories. Craft has spent the past few years, as an independent artist and exploring the galaxy, experimenting with music. The Prologue is a collection of songs, written by Aleon Craft, that showcases the re-creation and re-introduction of the artists, Aleon Craft.


1. Aleon Craft – The Prologue Pt. 1
2.Aleon Craft – Wonderland
3.Aleon Craft – The Way You Do The Things You Do
4.Aleon Craft – Tricky
5. SKIT: “Why Your Favorite Rappers Never Get Songs Done Together” – Aleon Craft & Playboy Tre
6.Aleon Craft ft. Playboy Tre – Back to the D.E.C
7.Aleon Craft – Off & On
8.Aleon Craft ft. Young Scolla – Brand New Day

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