A.Leon Craft – Brand New Day ft. Young Scolla & Mikkey Halsted

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Another one from The Stargazing Soundtrack, featuring some young Midwest talents. The song is actually a rework of a track featured on The Prologue Pt. 1. Overall, this mixtape is looking really good so far. I’m tempted to ignore all further leaks from it just so it’s all still new to me once it comes out. That probably wont happen though.

<a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/outgoing/aleoncraft.bandcamp.com/track/brand-new-day-ft-young-scolla-mikkey-halsted');" href="http://aleoncraft.bandcamp.com/track/brand-new-day-ft-young-scolla-mikkey-halsted">Brand New Day ft. Young Scolla &amp; Mikkey Halsted by Aleon Craft</a>

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