A. I. Love You

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Now, there are very few groups who I see on the underground who have that crazy appeal to the masses. Or at least, that what it seems. Experimenting with original instrumentation and different genres with their brand of hip hop, brothers Ayinde aka Asi (emcee) and Kid Che (producer) form the group A. I. Love You from the Maryland area. You’ll google their name and some manga comic will come up but underneath, you will see this group ranging their music from Electro to Alternative to Hip Hop. I can honestly say their music pulls the broads and gets them moving if you listen to how they coordiante their sound with certain songs. But don’t let that fool you from time to time, they’ll hit you with some production that knocks in the trunk that gets layered with some crisp vocals. Exhibit A….this video below entitled “L.A.M.S.”. Now, for a while, its has somewhat of dance feel to it with miminal words, right? Ok, now peep when it switches up at about 03:02 in the video and you’ll see what I mean. The second video is a short promo with some funny quotes. I think its some of the older stuff they’ve done. Not sure but peep game: –Ardamus

A.I. Love You – L.A.M.S. from AyindeFactory on Vimeo.

A.i. Love You “Critically Acclaimed” from A.I. Love You on Vimeo.

See, what I mean? Not only that……but they got some good promo game. Exhibit B….they’ve been doing promos for their show at Expo to premiere another one of their videos with a 3D Donut Show. Free Donuts and premiering some videos on some big screens with 3D glasses. With performances by A. I. Love You, S.O. S. Band, Ndelible and more on 4/25 @ EXPO for all my DC heads; thats on 1928 9th Street NW. But anyways, here’s the promo vids for their show:

The 3D Donut Show! – April 25th @ Expo (1928 9th St. NW) 6-11pm from AyindeFactory on Vimeo.

The 3D Donut Show! (Part 2) 4/25 @ Expo Lounge 6-11pm from AyindeFactory on Vimeo.

Exhibit C (no Jay Electronica) is the music. I’m not sure if they had much more out than these projects but here’s two to give you guys a listen as far as what they’re going.

A. I. Love You – “Sincerely Yours”

A. I. Love You – “The Lonely Hearts Club”

A good part of the reason why I blogged about these guys is because they seem to know how present what they’re marketing well. The music matches the images and vice versa. And they have some original ideas they incorporate with it. If anything, the world deserves to hear and see what A. I. Love You is all about.

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