A Flower Is A Lonesome Thing (some jazz covers)

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Once in a very great while the Steadybloggin Gmail in-box actually yields a promo item worth listening to. This is one of those rare occasions.

This comes courtesy of Invisible Ark Records, a label that already made a mark this year with Smile by the Skeletons. Now they’ve cooked up this collection of 6 covers featuring songs originally created by John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Jimmy Van Heusen, Billy Strayhorn and Anthony Newley. The players are James Allsopp, Tim Giles, Riaan Vosloo and Ross Stanley. This release is vinyl only, however Invisible Ark generously dropped the whole thing into our in-box in digital form. Check it out:

What’s really refreshing here is the traditionalist approach to the material. There are no attempts to modernize the sound, no extemporaneous remixes, no pretentious avant-garde wankery. It’s not nu-jazz (shudder), nor is self consciously retro. It’s just good mellow jazz music, presented in straight forward most enjoyable fashion.


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