A Broadcast Of Violence, Fear Of Death, And Etc (A Memphis Rap Mix By Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf)

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“Broadcast of violence, fear of death, and etc.”

So Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf did this mix for the Fresh Out The Box show (on BBox Radio), where I occasionally guest. The mix had no tracklist, and was accompanied only by the quote above. While the mix was playing, the show’s hosts and I sat and gaped at each other in amazement – the set this guy put together is fucking incredible.
I wouldn’t claim myself an expert on Memphis obscurities, far from it, but I’ve heard a few things. My companions were at about the same level of expertise. And yet, a lot most (let’s be honest) of the songs here were unknown to us, and not a single one of them was bad. Several inspired bouts of furious googling, to no effect.
I don’t know where Jacques found this stuff. I don’t actually know anything about Jacques at all. But the mad put together a great mixtape and you should listen to it immediately.


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