3:33 – In The Middle Of Infinity (Album Stream)

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So this isn’t really as soul crushing as the Bandcamp description and 3:33’s previous remix work led me to expect. It’s still sounds like something out of Lovecraft, but more like a soundtrack to watching his dark fantasies unfold instead actually being a featured character in one of them (which is how some of those remixes made me feel). Phantasmagoric might be a good word for it. This stuff could make for a great horror OST/score. Hopefully these guys will make some videos for this album fitting to the mood which the music conjures.


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One Response to “3:33 – In The Middle Of Infinity (Album Stream)”

  1. Fosterakahunter says:

    I dig this, although, the artwork appears to be more sinister than the actual tracks themselves. This puts me in the mind of Dälek, with no vocals. Not a bad thing.

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