1993 Aphex Twin Interview

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Via Blissout we get a blast from the past. Remember when your cousin’s best friend’s sister-in-law wasn’t dating a guy who “made beats”? You can judge for yourself how well this interview stands the test of time.

“I’m quite a people person, actually. I hang out with strange people a lot. I like mentally ill people. I’ve always found schizophrenia fuckin’ excellent. I think it’s the next evolutionary stage of humanity. My father worked in mental hospitals, so I got interested in it from all the stories. I like the idea of people having voices in their head that operate independently. I consider that to be an advantage, not a handicap. I see these people as having two minds, and two minds are better than one. It’s just a shame that, with schizos, it’s working against them rather than for them.

“We’re really only supposed to use a small part of our brains, so maybe these people are evolving towards using a large amount. I reckon they should get a load of schizos and breed ’em, it could be the next stop for humanity. It would be great to be a schizo, you’d be able to work on two tracks at once!”


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