13 – The World Bout To End (EP)

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Going for the Green Ova hat-trick… This mysterious EP has popped up on the Green Ova bandcamp, with very little info or context provided. The name ’13’ is implied in one of the songs to be a combo of Green Ova Chapter 1 (Squdda) and Green Ova Chapter 3 (Dope G). The focus seems to be on beats here; raps from Squadda and Dope G come in and out in intermittent snatches, some of them are barely more than improvised adlibs and just general shit talking. The list of producers named for these 4 songs is impressive though – Squadda himself, Ammbush of Drums & Ammo/SWTBRDS, Alchemist, and Gila Monsta from Gorgeous Children.
A full 13 LP is promised for the first quarter of 2013.


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