10 Opinions (popular or not)

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Discuss, hate, agree or make your own 10. –Philaflava

10. Kid Cudi > Drake.

9. The MF Doom and Ghostface Killah collabo will NEVER happen.

8. The Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Raekwon collabo WILL happen, it just won’t live up to its expectations since all are mailing in verses from the road.

7. There isn’t one reunion in recent years that has lived up to its potential and there won’t be for the next lifetime. On paper they’re great, on record they suck. Face it.

6. Speaking of reunion albums, the new Goodie M.o.B. album should have CunninLynguists production on it. Need convincing? Listen to “Georgia Remix.” That is the sound they need so desperately on the album.

5. I’ve said this before so it’s nothing new, but Saigon, Termanlogy, Wale, Joe Budden, Blu or any other rapper who’s praised and promoted all over the internet isn’t touching Jay Electronica.

4. Mos Def has one more classic album in him, it just won’t happen until he and Madlib finally decide do their collabo effort.

3. As of now, Raekwon’s “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II” is the best rap album of 2009. It might not stay like that once December 31st hits but for now it is. Those who don’t believe it are either in denial or are just simply being atypical. Being that The Roots don’t drop until 2010, the only challengers might be Cormega or Big Boi. Reflect!

2. From a “technical” standpoint, Joell Ortiz might be the 2nd best Latino rapper ever. I’m not talking about 1/4 Latinos rappers either. Kill those Dipset suggetions homie. While everyone loves them some Kool Fashion and early Chino XL, not many cannot deny the lyrical ability of Joell. Sorry Immortal Tech, Fat Joe and B-Real. In a few years I just might be saying the same praise about Peedi Crakk if he ever gets his act together.

1. Andre’s “rapping” album is classic status already and he hasn’t even completed it. You’ll see, there is no way it can be anything other than phenomenal.

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