1 Hour of Radio Jamaica, taped to cassette on September 2, 1988

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Mikey Dread 2

This was a completely random great find that I stumbled across accidentally while on the Leaving Records site. Just as the post title says, it’s one hour of a radio program counting down the Top 40 dancehall songs for the first week of September 1988, presided over by legendary Jamaican DJ/radio personality Richie B (who is not the guy above as the internet lacks in good pics of Richie B).

It works well on several levels. On one hand it’s just a good compilation of late 80s dancehall, pretty much as good as most others you can buy or download elsewhere. If you wanna get a little deeper and a bit more pretentious, beyond its simple entertainment value this tape rip also makes for something of an immersive experience vaguely bordering on amateur cultural anthropology. Hearing the tracks via singles or albums is great in of itself, but within this context you also get a small glimpse of the music in its original setting as it was played for its original intended audience. Granted, the insights to be gleamed here are a bit slim and the prerequisite ingestion of collie will likely make them even slimmer. But it’s still fun as shit any way you look at it.

The rip is split into two parts approximately 30 minutes each, likely representing two sides of a 60 minute cassette. The only problem here is that a top 40 countdown on any radio station usually lasts 2 hours, so we only get to hear about half of the program and sadly never do get to find out what was the #1 dancehall track for Friday September 2 of 1988.

Radio Jamaica top 40 SEPT88 – PT1

Radio Jamaica top 40 SEPT88 – PT2

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