Houston Rap Tapes Radio (Hosted By Lance Scott Walker) – A Motherload Of Houston Rap From All Eras And More

September 12th, 2014
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Lance Scott Walker is the author of the awesome Houston Rap and Houston Rap Tapes; he is also the compiler of the most ginormous rap mix I’ve ever come across, which was naturally also Houston-oriented. Last week he sent me a link to his new(ish) radio show broadcast on Houston’s Optimo Radio, where he is now dropping his extensive knowledge of the subject in smaller 1hr parcels.
There have been 10 broadcasts so far, each of them available for streaming via soundcloud HERE. There does not seem to be a set specific topic per episode, but some do lean heavily on certain time periods or themes. E.g.: the 06-25-14 episode is all 80s; the 07-16-14 episode is all 90s; meanwhile the 08-20-14 episode mixes in a lot of non-rap material, combining canonical rappers like Devin and Geto Boys with a live P-Funk jam and a slowed Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers duet and more. Forays into other genres pepper the rest of the broadcasts as well, and those additions make for welcome asides that put Houston rap into the context of a larger musical history.
The episode below was the most recent posted. It’s the first one I heard and it covers a variety of sounds, which makes for a nice introduction to the series. The tracklist and credits for it are also below.

Houston Rap Tapes Radio
September 3, 2014
Hosted by Lance Scott Walker
Cover photo: Romeo Poet and Steve Fournier (courtesy of Romeo Poet)
Yung Surreal ft. Spiktakula & Big Gerb “Sorrow” JGtheengineer mix (2014)
Big Six ft. Kuwait “Ten Ta Get In” (2000)
Southern Funk Playas (Romeo Poet) “Brotha From Tha Project” (1997)
Day 4 Day G’s “So True” (1999)
Scratch Acid “Owner’s Lament” (1984)
Bam “Eyez Open” (1995)
Crime Boss ft. Big Dave, Pimp Money “OSC” (1998)
G-Rapp The General “Grind” (1998)
Lester Williams “Dowling Street Hop” (1949)
The ARE ft. D of K-Otix “A New Day (A New Hustle)” (2003)
Al-D “Long Live 83rd” Pollie Pop mix (1995/2011)
Mr. Mike “Don’t Nobody Really Care” (1999)
DJ Screw ft. Al-D, Lil’ Keke, Shorty Mac “Mind At Ease” (1997)

El Michels Affair – Little House

September 15th, 2014
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An unreleased from the Sounding Out The City sessions. Apparently Truth & Soul are putting out a 10″ of unreleased material from that era in conjunction with a 10year anniversary re-release of that album (it’s hard to tell exactly, their info page is full of weird spam.) I’m looking forward to it, despite later success SOTC remains the group’s best album; and generally the most interesting material of the recent soul revival came from Daptone/Truth & Soul in the mid-00s.


Stalin Majesty & Archibald Slim – AR (EP)

September 12th, 2014
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This one got kinda slept on this week but it’s very worthwhile. A bit less essentric than the other Awful Records releases getting attention recently, and maybe better for it. Stalin Majesty and Archibald Slim complement each other well as a duo, in both style and content, even their voices sound similar. The dark menacing “Off The Drugs” is my favorite track here at the moment, with vague Asian undertones in the beat which may be entirely a figment of my imagination.


Pyramid Quince – 2099 Ft Raymarc (Prod. by Dexter Dukarus)

September 11th, 2014
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Some good space cadet shit, loose and free-flowing but well rapped. The cover above is a good indicator of how this sounds. Quince is an Awful Records/NRK affiliate I think, it’s hard to keep track of who belongs to which camp exactly. There is some other cools stuff from this circle of people that’s going overlooked even though Awful Records has been getting a lot of love lately, I’ll get around to posting it one of these days when the day job allows.


VIDEO: Thundercats ft. Eric Andre – $5k Videos

September 10th, 2014
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Thundercat and Eric Andre take the ‘Tron Song’ and make it … something else.

Mell Masters (AKA Playboy Sunny’s) – Cause It’s Legal

September 9th, 2014
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Spotted this on Noisey, recognized the name from the credits of Junglepussy’s excellent Satisfaction Guaranteed. The song struck a chord because it’s the kind of thing I was hoping to hear from A$AP affiliates and other like-minded rappers in the wake of Rocky’s and Ferg’s success. In light of that, I wasn’t very surprised to read that Yams was somehow connected to getting this out to the public. The song isn’t mindblowingly original, but it is good and put together well and I keep coming back to it a week later; which isn’t common in this age of random disposable uploads. So I’m really curious to hear more.

An interesting brief back-story was included in the original Vice post, apparently this dude is notorious. Go read it HERE

Rome Fortune – FriendsMaybe Ft. Makonnen [Prod. By Money Karlo]

September 9th, 2014
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May be my favorite Rome song since BP2. The bouncy light electro-funk vibe makes it for me.


Skipp Coon – Miles Garvey EP

September 8th, 2014
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A spectacular and tragically timely EP, wherein Skipp Coon surveys the world around him and deliberates whether to make music or start a revolution in response. Skipp’s own Twitter description of himself doubles as a succinct mission statement for his music: ‘a man who is black and male in america and aware of it,’
This is a rare thing – a directly expressed but still nuanced, sharply observed statement on American racial politics and American culture in general, which also happens to sound very good when considered purely in terms of aesthetics. Mandatory listening for people complaining about lack of substance in rap music, or alternately the lack of good rap music with substance. Highly highly recommended.

Statik Selektah – Something To Cry For ft. Boldy James

September 8th, 2014
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I’m not big on Statik but here he does Boldy right, with something that’s soulful and plaintive but also kinda sleazy. The song is taken from Statik’s What Goes Around album.
While we’re here, can we petition Congress to draft legislation which would require Boldy to ONLY rap on beats like this and the stuff Alchemist gives him? Serious question.
s/o to HL for the heads up on this one, dude has a great eye for random stuff I like.

VIDEO: 100s – 10 Freaky Hoes

September 8th, 2014
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IVRY still holds as one of the year’s best.